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My much needed mini vaca left me well rested & ready to take on the upcoming week & projects. Hope you’re rejuvenated, the week is coming either way. Make the most of it! #TransparenTEE

‘Inspiring While Being Inspired’


“Never Stop, Never Settle” commercial

“Never Stop, Never Settle”, Nas
Hennessy commercial

I was intrigued by the  saying, “Never Stop, Never Settle”. Despite it being 4am, insomnia had me up & my mind going. Not only was it clever from a creative branding standpoint; it was a simple truth relatable to many other facets of life and an easy motto to live by. With a Marketing background, and appreciation for hip hop lyrists, Rapper Nas was a nice touch. Respecting the arts, and in deep thought “Never Stop, Never Settle” is a reminder to keep going when may seem easier to quit. When a commercial makes you go this deep, their marketing efforts are effective. Hopefully the encouragement is just as effective if not more.
– TransparenTEE
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‘Inspiring While Being Inspired’