Prospectively speaking: “Livre – Everything’s Coming Up Jesus (2015)” on YouTube

Everything is about perspective…
What does this song mean to you? It takes me back to when I ALMOST GAVE UP #HE’sGonnaGetTheGloryOutOfThis
IF you have a testimony
#inspiregrowlove yourself & one another

Happy Bestfriends Day!!!


I LOVE THIS MEME! Too often we settle for the status quo cycle, whether its trying to keep up with the Jones’s, loneliness, following the crowd, etc. As for me, I’m learning that I’ve suffered from relationship fobia stemmed from seeing toxicity throughout my childhood & as I began restarting the cycle, relationships became an afterthought, but should I ever fall again he’ll be my Bestfriend first. To my Day Ones, you’re welcome for the good times. You’re lucky to have me! #nationalbestfriendday
#inspiregrowlove one another!