2017 NEW Year, New Possibilities, New Expectations

What are your expectations for your 2017?


Duel Encouragement

“Hey Shuga you crossed my mind. I know that you’ve been challenged in Every way but it’s all a Setup from a Mighty blessing from the Lord. He got you. Love Ya & Im sooooo Proud of you”[Cousin Quita]

Messages such as these breathe life back into me. It is only once you know how it feels to be pushed up against the wall with the weight off the world on your shoulders, that you truly have a better understanding of strength gained on the other side. The sender, a U.S. Soldier & relative of mine, was my inspiration throughout her battle with cancer. I’m honored to have made her proud. Thank you for your service & support. I’m proud of you!!!

We are Family

 …..connected in overcoming