Valuable Tips to Help You Through Tribulations

I absolutely LOVE THIS! 

Embrace the space you’re in! 

My late Mother always put a positive twist to any situation, so when I would complain or speak negativity she would reply in redirection. If I brought up my image, “well that’s the only one you have or somebody would love to have what you’re complaining about.” 

Before I understood the value of a dollar, “you know there are those that have far less”.

As I was learning my worth, “continue to make me proud Baby, You CAN be whatever your heart’s desire.”

Those words resonate in her absence, they keep me going!

I know now that she was teaching me to handle life’s disappointments. The same reigns true with you! Life isn’t easy but keep your head up, this is a friendly reminder that there’s some one worse off. 

  1. Look at your situation, I mean, really LOOK
  2. Consider Options
  3. Explore ways to overcome current circumstance
  4. See how you can help your situation. (Faith without works is dead)
  5. Pray & know that tears are prayers too!

I’M ROOTING FOR YOU because I’ve been humbled. #TransparenTEEblogs #inspiregrowlove

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How to reach higher when sky is the limit

 – #Repost @pharrell 

Education is the key to reaching higher & being your best. When the sky is the limit, you have limitless potential but in order to reach your potential, you’re gonna have to push yourself beyond your reach. Instead of doing the bare minimum of what’s required, test your will power to go a little further, to push a little harder & too accept nothing but your best.YOU are the next best leaders of tomorrow, you just have to believe it & get ready… #reachhigher #🎓#📚 #TransparenTEEblogs

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Duel Encouragement

“Hey Shuga you crossed my mind. I know that you’ve been challenged in Every way but it’s all a Setup from a Mighty blessing from the Lord. He got you. Love Ya & Im sooooo Proud of you”[Cousin Quita]

Messages such as these breathe life back into me. It is only once you know how it feels to be pushed up against the wall with the weight off the world on your shoulders, that you truly have a better understanding of strength gained on the other side. The sender, a U.S. Soldier & relative of mine, was my inspiration throughout her battle with cancer. I’m honored to have made her proud. Thank you for your service & support. I’m proud of you!!!

We are Family

 …..connected in overcoming

Inspiring While Being Inspired