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I wanna be a witness & NOT just a church goer! -TransparenTEE


Prospectively speaking: “Livre – Everything’s Coming Up Jesus (2015)” on YouTube

Everything is about perspective…
What does this song mean to you? It takes me back to when I ALMOST GAVE UP #HE’sGonnaGetTheGloryOutOfThis
IF you have a testimony
#inspiregrowlove yourself & one another

“Never Stop, Never Settle”, Nas

“Never Stop, Never Settle”, Nas

Hennessy commercial

I was intrigued by theĀ  saying, “Never Stop, Never Settle”. Despite it being 4am, insomnia had me up & my mind going. Not only was it clever from a creative branding standpoint; it was a simple truth relatable to many other facets of life and an easy motto to live by. With a Marketing background, and appreciation for hip hop Lyrists, Rapper Nas was a nice added touch. Respecting the arts, I enjoyed the commercial and in deep thought “Never Stop, Never Settle” is a reminder to keep going when may seem easier to quit. When a commercial makes you go this deep, their marketing efforts are effective. Hopefully the encouragement is just as effective if not more.

– TransparenTEE

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“Inspiring While Being Inspired”



‘Inspiring While Being Inspired’

Teamwork With Dreams Work


Everyone has a dream, uniquely catered to our likeness,
Sadly many only dream.
Sleeping on themselves as Life goes on
Their dream stays a dream.
Its a scientific fact that GROWth, healing & restoration happen even in your sleep.
My point is growth is & should be continuous!
You should always be growing to be a better you.
Growth is a process that doesn’t have to be journeyed alone.
Don’t have a team?


‘Inspiring While Being Inspired’