Valuable Tips to Help You Through Tribulations

I absolutely LOVE THIS! 

Embrace the space you’re in! 

My late Mother always put a positive twist to any situation, so when I would complain or speak negativity she would reply in redirection. If I brought up my image, “well that’s the only one you have or somebody would love to have what you’re complaining about.” 

Before I understood the value of a dollar, “you know there are those that have far less”.

As I was learning my worth, “continue to make me proud Baby, You CAN be whatever your heart’s desire.”

Those words resonate in her absence, they keep me going!

I know now that she was teaching me to handle life’s disappointments. The same reigns true with you! Life isn’t easy but keep your head up, this is a friendly reminder that there’s some one worse off. 

  1. Look at your situation, I mean, really LOOK
  2. Consider Options
  3. Explore ways to overcome current circumstance
  4. See how you can help your situation. (Faith without works is dead)
  5. Pray & know that tears are prayers too!

I’M ROOTING FOR YOU because I’ve been humbled. #TransparenTEEblogs #inspiregrowlove

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