TransparenTEE Life Lessons


When the cares of life weigh you down just know that He’s making you, He’s molding you.

Life’s challenges can overwhelm you & that’s okay, that’s going to happen. Keep your head up, DON’T GIVE UP OR IN. The tests & trials are meant to make you strong. It is in those test & trials that you are strengthened. You never appreciate the struggle until you come out on the other side & see what you’ve overcome. Be encouraged, you’re stronger than you give yourself credit.

I couldn’t understand how people looked at me & saw strength when I felt I was at my weakest. Once I finally saw things coming together, I looked back on worst times of my life & was in awe that not only did I survive but I came out with a strength I would have never known without experiencing the lows of life. I was grateful that life’s lessons made me appreciate the complexities & simplicity of life.

We only get one life, live it to the fullest, find your calling & use your gifts/talents!

TransparenTEE LIFE Lessons

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