They keep saying that A CHANGE IS GONNA COME, but how much longer much we wait? My ancestors wanted change so that my generation wouldn’t have to experience the very inequalities & hardships they fought for for hundreds of years. I look at these “United States” wondering what defines unity cause I all I see is division from the capital to far beyond the streets of Ferguson & Baltimore. I’m tired of questioning who to trust & their motives. People are angry, frustrated & irate but in need of CHANGE. That change can be as strategic as peacefully protesting to get the attention of public & government officials or as simple as praying & being the very change we wanna see. But SOMETHING’S GOTTA CHANGE. I don’t wanna have to fear having a son or have him fear the very people sworn to serve & PROTECT, because nowadays it seems my generation needs protection from protection, BUT WE GOTTA BE SMART Y’ALL! I pray for my generation that we be smart in protecting ourselves, make smart decisions & successfully protect following generations from the things tearing this country apart. The Hatred… Something has to be said when animals receive more sympathy than the lost of a minority. I pray for that ignorance because ALL LIVES MATTER, all living things. Just when disaster strikes, social media reminds me of how much more work there is to do. If there’s no change then MLK, Malcolm X & anyone who fought for change died in vain. I’ll never condone wrong doing, just like you’ll never convince me of justification in LIVES unnecessarily taken from any hand. NO UNARMED INDIVIDUAL DESERVES TO BE GUNNED DOWN, DRUG, ETC. especially w/ alternative options like tasers on hand. I have family members on the force & couldn’t condone the harming of officers committed to protecting & serving ALL PEOPLE EQUALLY. We gotta do better than looting, rioting & acting like animals cause in reality, animals would still receive better treatment. The sad truth… My heart is full, my thoughts cluttered, my prayers long. I know it sounds cleashay, but why CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG? More people need to be COLOR blind; I don’t see race, I see people & the good in them & flaws of their character NOT HATE. Maybe one day we’ll be united, but we should be ashamed to be a DIVIDED, UNITED STATES. MAYBE ONE DAY WE’LL BE UNITED, I PRAY I LIVE TO SEE THAT DAY, SMH!

Toya AKA #TransparenTEE

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